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Why is the attack at TikTok Cash? A solemn statement against some false reports

Since its launch, TikTok Cash has shown rapid development and achieved unprecedented success in promoting the Internet celebrity economy and the growth of TikTok users. Although TikTok is facing heavy regulatory pressures in Western countries, its user base in Southeast Asia - Indonesia has been steadily increasing under the fermentation of TikTok Cash. Due to the huge success in Indonesia, TikTok Cash will soon be launched in countries around the world, pushing the business to the next milestone.

In response to a negative report on TikTok Cash published by mainstream American media in Indonesia, TikTok Cash strongly condemned the unconfirmed report and made a solemn statement: TikTok Cash is a licensed online platform supervised by the Indonesian Securities Regulatory Commission in accordance with regulations, and it complies with regulations and guidelines issued by the Securities Regulatory Commission from time to time.

As TikTok Cash takes stimulating the Internet celebrity economy and subverting traditional industries as its general direction, and has achieved great success, it cannot be ruled out that it will be attacked and suppressed by some industries that have suffered loss of profits due to the success of TikTok Cash.

The mainstream media’s exaggerated, biased, and distorted reports can easily trigger panic among users. We strongly condemn the publishing and reprinting of such false reports, and other media platforms are requested not to forward such unverified reports at will Information.

We deeply regret the oppressive methods used by the world's leading countries to protect their own interests and ignore the public's interest. In the current downturn and turbulent financial environment, we are deeply aware of the heavy responsibility on our shoulders. We always adhere to our original intentions, focus on the interests of users, maintain full communication with everyone, solve problems in an active and orderly manner, and face difficulties and challenges together.

TikTok Cash hereby declares!

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