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TikTok Cash launched! SmartTron Group become the only TikTok official marketing partner

Updated: Dec 12, 2020

SmartTron Group officially signed a contract to become the only TikTok official marketing partner, and cooperate to establish a subsidiary-TikTok Cash to develop Southeast Asian business.

As early as 2018, TikTok's parent company, ByteDance, realized that if TikTok only benefited from a small number of highly popular players, then the rest of the players would be at risk of "leave". "And these 90% of players are the main users who maintain the entire TikTok short video ecosystem." TikTok Global Promotion Deputy Secretary General-Isaac Bess, said earnestly.

"In order to achieve the effect of checks and balances, we began to formulate a plan to find suitable partners to allow ordinary users, players, and even businesses to achieve a win-win situation at the same time. This plan must be aimed at some very talented TIkTok players who suffer from low traffic, give them a good reason to continue stay on TikTok."

TikTok had discussion with a total of more than 30 technology companies with extraordinary strength and rich market experience, and finally reached an agreement with the SmartTron Group, which has a unique in-depth understanding of the younger generation and fashion trends, and became the only marketing partner designated by TikTok.

TikTok Cash creates a win-win business model

The TikTok Cash platform, a subsidiary jointly established by TikTok and SmartTron Group, is mainly divided into three main lines:

  1. Allow ordinary TikTok users to develop a continuous and unlimited potential business while enjoying TikTok videos, and become the main promoter of our next big data and blockchain-related development.

  2. Let most of the talented TikTok players effectively get more attention and greatly increase the commercial value.

  3. Docking with merchants and becoming a major industry distribution bridge, identifying and recommending industry distribution internet celebrities that meet their product positioning and image.

Subverting the Internet celebrity economy, TikTok allocates 5% of total advertising revenue to promote TikTok Cash in the Indonesian market

"After thorough analysis, we set our sights on Indonesia, the largest economy in Southeast Asia, to open the market for our TikTok Cash. Indonesia currently has mature TikTok users, and 85 out of 100 young people in Indonesia hope to have their own online business.

Unfortunately, when this plan, which is going to overturn the entire Internet celebrity economy, was unfortunately outflowed, a wave of "plagiarism" broke out immediately. Many companies rushed to launch platforms with similar business models, but because of the lack of rigorous data analysis, and The neglect of quality control has caused the platform to not go far.

Based on maintaining the ecosystem of this new economic model, TikTok decided to allocate 5% of TikTok's total advertising revenue in Indonesia to promote this new era of entrepreneurial model. Part of the funds will also be used in the reward system for TikTok Cash users.

It is worth noting that as the market is flooded with counterfeit TikTok Cash brands, please be sure to recognize our TikTok Cash brand name and logo as the only officially certified partner of TikTok, so as to prevent the intentional people from taking advantage of the falsehood and attempting to use Fake imitation logos or brand names to engage in activities detrimental to public interest. "- Isaac Bess.

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