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Huawei launched a new campaign, #AddictedToYou

Important part of this campaign is collaboration with the IPSOS agency, and the research titled “Smart(phone) relations” conducted in 12 countries, including Croatia, Serbia and Slovenia

The second largest smartphone manufacturer in the world, Huawei, raised some dust by publishing a video on its social networks as part of its new campaign. The video shows a girl who overuses her smartphone, and the reason for her intense use of the phone is separation from her loved one. With the desire to divert attention to smartphone habits Huawei launched the #AddictedToYou campaign. Building, establishing and maintaining good and healthy relationships with loved ones, especially with the help of smartphones, and turning the attention to the positive opportunities provided by top technology are the key reasons for activating this campaign on Valentine’s Day. An important part of this campaign is cooperation with the IPSOS agency and a research entitled “Smart(phone) relations” implemented in Croatia, Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Greece, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Serbia, Turkey and Slovenia.

“We’ve done the research to find out the kind of relationship people have in general with their smartphones and how they use them when they communicate with their partners. The results helped us understand what is important to people when using smart hones and how our products respond to their needs,” said Zha Zhang, Huawei’s Director for the Adriatic Region.

The results have shown that mobile devices are an important element of modern everyday life. Most of the respondents carry their phone everywhere and agree that their phone helps develop mutual closeness with others, but most of them agree that the true relationship with loved ones must not be based on a virtual relationship. Huawei’s research inspired a campaign that recognizes the importance of smartphones in everyday life, but at the same time encourages us to dedicate more time to the proper contact with our loved ones. The campaign raises awareness of how and when we use smartphones, and Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to spread the main message that emphasizes the importance of real human contact and real presence.

Psychologist Dr. Igor Mikloušić provided an expert insight into the research: “The changes brought by the availability and advancement of technology are one of the brightest examples of their benefits, especially when we talk about long distance relationships. Many people today have such relationships. Although one could thing that such relationships are doomed to failure, research shows that such relationships can be equally fulfilling as the close ones. Despite physical separation, people in such relationships use technology to overcome loneliness, and compensate the lack of physical closeness by sharing emotions and experiences and thus deepen their connection. This research supports that, as we see that we have readily grabbed the opportunity to share emotions through image, text, sound or video, and keep close to the people who are most important to us,” he said.

This year’s Huawei promotional campaign for Valentine’s Day is based on the #BePresent platform, which during Christmas 2016 spread the message that we should put our smartphones down, and focus on family and friends. As part of the campaign, consumers can send their Valentine’s wishes to loved ones from the Elipso store at the Arena Center in Zagreb. Their message will appear on a large LCD screen at Ban Josip Jelačić Square in Zagreb. All users will be notified when their wishes are displayed and will be invited to view them with the people they were intended for.

The new Huawei smartphone P smart is also featured in this campaign, which is a device designed for younger users.

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